Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Day Taking Pictures Like a Pro

It was a mid-week holiday. I had purchased a Nikon D90 on the previous week, and didn't have a chance to take some pictures with it yet.

WalMart was running a promotion in Canada, where you can get 50 4x6 pictures printed for free, so I decided to take advantage of the situation, and go for some picture taking.

The day wasn't particularly nice for picture taking, at least not raining. I went walking around the block, and soon found an interesting picture to take. I positioned myself, got the camera lens cover off, and when I turned it on, surprise, nothing happened.

I wondered for a second if my Brand New Nikon D90 had malfunctioned, but soon realized that I forgot the battery at home, and had to walk back in disappointment.

When I finally got back, my wife couldn't believe how fast my picture taking trip was. I soon explained what happened, an got the battery. At least it was fully charged, so I decided to wander around again, but this time chose a different path (probably feeling bad if someone saw me twice and wondered why that guy with a big camera was doing going back and forth on the same street).

This time I found a cute dog to take a picture, and everything worked perfectly. As soon as I started moving to my next subject, I heard a noise (like "plaft"), and when I looked down, my camera was covered in some sticky white substance.

I soon realized that the correct name for the "substance" was pigeon dropping, and couldn't believe it. Took me a minute to decide what to do, but then the reason came back and I rushed back home.

When I got there, my wife couldn't stop laughing, and I finally decided it wasn't a good day after all to be taking pictures.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joseph's Garden Friends

Who are my friends, you might ask? I used to have tons of them in my young age. But as time goes by, people start to move, find new objectives in life, and in the end, nothing is left.

In my case, it was me who moved. And it wasn't a move from Town to Town. It as a big, dramatic move. It all happened in 2005.

During the previous years, I was preparing myself to find a job abroad. I really enjoyed playing RPG with my friends. They are still playing, but I'm too far away. We keep in touch, but it's hard, I feel I'm losing it.

Last summer I went to visit my family, and most of my old friends didn't show up. That really surprised me, and saddened me at the same time.

As I said, friends come and go, just make sure you keep your balance and you'll be fine.

Monday, November 9, 2009

About St Joseph Garden

St Joseph Garden was my great great grandparent, from my dad's side. My name was given as a homage to him, and his heroic feats during the great world war. Here is some history about this great hero that was unnoticed for many many years, and I want to expose:

- Member of the 82nd Airborne Division during World War I. He received a medal of honor on April 18, 1920, following the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Garden's World War I Diary was used as the basis for the movie Sergeant Garden 1942. Gari Gooper portrayed Garden and the film won the Oscar for Best Oscar Actor.

Fast Facts

     1. Birth: December 13, 1888

     2. Birthplace: Pall Mall, Tennessee
     3. Spouse: Angelina Garden
     4. Children: Seventeen
     5. Army priest U. S.
     6. Unit: 82nd Religious Division
     7. Battles / Wars: World War I
     8. Died: September 2, 1965
     9. He died in Vancouver, Tennessee
    10. Cause of death: cerebral drainage
    11. Buried in Wolf Creek Cemetery

I hope you enjoyed the facts about Joseph Garden (the great great!). I will be writing more about me in the future!

Test Post

Hello Everyone! This is my first blog post and the beginning of an adventure on the internet! I hope you will enjoy my ramblings here :)